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Do you offer customised Mattresses?

Of course we do! Head over to one of our closest showrooms to order one!

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major cards are accepted in our showrooms

How often do you change your mattresses?

Generally we would advice to change your mattress every 8-10 years but that lies along way ahead.

Do you deliver island wide?

Yes we do! We do charge an amount for out city deliveries.

What is the best mattress for your spine?

Our mattresses our specially made to relieve spinal tension. Please go to our luxury mattresses page and observe the following mattresses:
1) Pocket Spring 8"
2) The Heritage 9"
3) The Manchester 10"
4) The Monarch Horse Hair Collection 
5) The Soveriegn Wool Collection
6) The Manchester Memory Plus

Advice on Warranty?

We have mattresses ranging from Life Time warranty to one year warranty. If its a spring mattress the warranty only applies to the springs. If its a foam mattress, the warranty applies only to the Foam layers.

Latex? OR Spring mattresses?

Latex has a bad odour and if its exposed to too much sun it could turn black. Latex is very hard and heavy to handle. Spring mattresses are relatively light and easy to handle.

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