S.Lionel Fernando

Horetuduwa Mr. S. Lionel Fernando was a born entrepreneur, starting business as a bus & lorry body craftsman in a white dominated industry, he quickly proved that hard work and dedication can indeed bring about success. Mr. Fernando also believed in cooperation and unity, and was a great supporter of the co-operative movement in Sri Lanka.
Following his demise, Mrs. H. A. Fernando inherited the business, expanded the company bringing Lionco to successful heights at present.
Mr. S. Lionel Fernando was also one of the pioneers and main supporters of Sri Lanka’s first Motor Body Builder’s Society, inaugurating it on the 65th anniversary of the country’s co-operative movement. Never one to dabble in politics Mr. Lionel Fernando believed in the common man’s patriotism and individual hard work to bring about development and national prosperity.

H.Adlin Fernando

+94 777 553902

Head Office

583,Galle Road Horethuduwa ,Moratuwa Sri Lanka

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